SC 5 „System Development“

Chairman: Srđan Žutobradić, DSc

Scope of interest

Load forecast for parts of the distribution system

• Load characteristics of individual customer categories
• Possibilities and application of short-term load forecast
• Impact of end users’ microgeneration and energy efficiency on long-term load and demand forecast
• Methods for load forecast in small areas
• Standard loads

Network structure and planning criteria

• System availability and reliability requirements
• Network structures appropriate to greater share of distributed generation
• Impact of new communication technologies on network structure
• System planning criteria (operational reliability, electricity losses)
• Technical parameters related to system planning (insulation coordination, neutral point grounding, monitoring and control across the network,…)

Development planning, investments

• Preparation of system development and construction plans, and risk analysis
• Organizational and financial factors in the implementation of construction plans
• Investments in replacement of end-of-life equipment (system refurbishment)
• Methods for system development planning
• Methods for optimisation in distribution system planning
• Computer programs for system planning
• Benchmarking of operator’s work in system planning process