SC 3 „Control, Protection, IT System and Telecommunications“

Ivan Periša, BSc

Scope of interest

Network control

• control system architecture,
- remote control from different technological and organizational levels,
- coordination of control.

• control from the point of view of functions,
- control in support of supply quality,
- economic considerations of control,
- control with an emphasis on relations with network users.

• network control’s link with other areas of the business,
- requirements for network development,
- requirements for selection and maintenance of network components,
- requirements for voice and data communication system.

• organization and procedure for restoration of electricity supply,
• technological development of network control system and components,
• measurement data in support of network control functions,
• control under conditions of significant distributed generation in the network,
• staff training in network control using real-life simulations and experiences.

Network protection

• rules for protection of distribution network from faults and disturbances,
• technical recommendations for materials, performances and settings of protection response,
• remote communication of protection devices in support of protection plan,
• data exchange between protection devices and other secondary systems,
• coordination of protection action plan with transmission network,
• coordination of protection action plan with power plant protection,
• assessment of benefits of new technological solutions,
• measurement and other data stored in protection device in data acquisition and exchange system,
• protection in support of automation and network control,
• testing and putting into operation of protection and functions shared with other systems,
• standards, rules and instructions in the area of network protection,
• approaches to maintenance and recommendations for maintenance of protection devices,
• analysis of real-time protection action and learning lessons learned,
• training of specialists in the area of network protection.

IT System and telecommunications

• IT system in substations and across the network,
• IT system in support of network control, protection and measuring services,
• IT system in support of monitoring of voltage quality in the network,
• IT system interfaces and protocols.
• databases in the area of control, measurement data and protection,
• rules for data availability, security and process data confidentiality,
• communication with data within the secondary system (TSs, control centers,…),
• remote communication in support of network control, transfer of measurement data, voice and other process data,
• remote communication in support of protection from faults in the network,
• software, expert systems,…