SC 2 „Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility“

Chairman: Goran Šagovac, BSc

Scope of interest

Power quality parameters

Legislation concerning power quality

• monitoring of legislation
• objections, proposals and comments concerning legislation

Components of power quality monitoring system

• measuring devices
• computerized data acquisition and processing systems
• communication systems
• current and voltage transformers
• software packages for acquisition and processing of power quality data

Power quality monitoring methods

• measuring of power quality
- as needed
- from time to time
- continuously
• modeling and simulations

Installation of power quality monitoring system

• equipment selection
• site selection for installation of power quality monitoring equipment
• software selection for data acquisition and processing
• method selection for power quality reporting

Dependence of power quality on network characteristics

• grounding of neutral point of feeder power transformer
• customer type
• load on the observed network
• characteristic faults and disturbances
• state of the network
• distributed generation and renewable sources
• supply reliability

Economic aspects

• optimization of network investments to improve power quality
• optimization of investments in power quality monitoring systems
• cost-efficiency
• compensation for damages caused by inadequate power quality (penalization)

Customers and power using devices

• sensitive customers
• power using devices and transducers
• improvement of power using devices that cause disturbances

Legislation in the area of electromagnetic compatibility

• monitoring of legislation
• objections, proposals and comments concerning legislation

Plant design in view of electromagnetic compatibility

• designing of equipment and components
• designing of plants (TSs)

EM disturbances in electricity distribution system

• EM disturbances
- electric fields
- magnetic fields.

Measurements and tests

- measuring equipment
- measurements and tests

Theoretical approach to electromagnetic compatibility

Impact of EM fields on living organisms, standardization and protection