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SC 7 „Distribution System and Environment“

Chairman: Mate Rebić, BSc

Scope of interest

Analysis of the impact of legislation in the field of environmental and nature protection on the distribution system development

• Analysis of the legislation in the field of environmental and nature protection
• Strategic distribution system planning
• Ecologic network NATURA 2000 and the conservation of biodiversity
• Spatial planning conditions for the distribution system operation and development
• Informing about the distribution system condition and development

Sustainable Development

• Sustainable development of the electricity sector
• Sustainable exploitation of the natural resources
• Challenges within EU climate policy
• Development and implementation of the low carbon technologies
• Reduction of the energy losses in the electricity sector
• Energy efficiency promotion

Waste Management

• Analysis of the legislation in the field of waste management
• Waste storage
• Waste usage
• Waste documentation management
• Trends in the waste management
• Waste management in the emergency situations (weather-related disasters, accidents)

Chemicals Management

• Analysis of the legislation in the field of chemical management
• Chemicals storage
• Chemicals usage
• Chemical substitutions usage

Construction and Acceptance of the renewable energy sources

• Renewable energy sources: trends, actualities, priorities
• Renewable energy sources impact on the environment and nature
• Integration of the renewable energy sources in the electric power system
• Promotion of the usage of the clean electricity production
• Analysis of environmental and social acceptability of the renewable energy sources

Water Protection

• Analysis of the legislation in the field of water protection
• Protection measures against wastewater outflows
• Water conditions
• Control of the drainage system efficiency

Certification in conformity with regulations and standards

• Implementation and application of the quality standards and systems directly aimed at the business quality improvement
• Application of the single corporate policy of environmental protection in accordance with the regulations and standards – ISO 14000
• Certification experiences
• Certification benefits

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