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SC 4 „Distributed Energy Resources and Efficient Utilisation of Electricity“

Chairman: Davor Škrlec, DSc
Scope of interest

Technical Committee 4 has adjust the scope of work following the goals from the climate-energy strategies that encourage implementation of low carbon technologies to increase share of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The new challenges deals with the network integration of distributed energy resources (DER) including distributed generation (DG), energy storage, responsive loads and electric heating (heat pumps) and electrification of road transportation. Also of interest are the opportunities for more efficient management and utilisation of electricity and the evolution towards more efficient, lower carbon end use. Energy management systems for DER at the level of smarthome, smartcity or smartgrid level and new business models for DERs, as well as real experiences of integrating DG/DER within distribution networks will be welcome as will examples of technical, commercial and regulatory solutions for DG/DER. Developments in DG/DER technologies and techniques for assessing their contribution to distribution networks and techniques for improving the efficiency of electricity delivery and end use are also important.

DG/DER technology and integration

• Policies and standards for connecting DG/DER
• Management of power flow, voltage and fault level
• Experiences and studies concerning integrating high levels of intermittent generation
• Technical issues regarding stability, protection and reliability
• Energy storage technologies
• Power electronics interfaces
• Developments in all scales of DG/DER

Efficiency and new/responsive demand
• Minimising network losses – role of DERs – SmartHome

• Techniques for efficient utilisation of electrical energy
• Role of smart metering in active demand management including lighting
• Role of commercial and technical Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)
• Integration of electric vehicles
• Integration of electric heating
• Role of distribution networks in delivering low carbon, sustainable energy supplies
• Hybrid energy systems including cogeneration and heat networks

Distribution system infrastructure, operation and business models for DG/DER

• Novel network designs to accommodate DER
• Innovative deployment of energy storage technologies
• Communications infrastructure for DERs management
• Role of data and intelligence in managing DERs operation
• Energy management systems for DER and active demand
• Management of network utilisation and load factor
• Evolution of Distribution System Operators
• Novel commercial arrangements for DG/DE
• Results from smartgrid case studies and demonstration projects

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