Dear colleagues, companies and institutions,

We invite you to join the Croatian Liaison Committee of the International Conference on Electricity Distribution (HO CIRED), the national section of the largest international electricity distribution forum which brings together a wide circle of specialists from distribution companies, institutes and faculties, regulatory bodies and government administration, equipment manufacturers and service providers, suppliers and customers – with the aim of improving competencies, skills and knowledge.

The technical and scientific activities unfold in six study committees: Network Components; Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility; Control, Protection, IT System and Telecommunications; Distributed Generation; System Development; and Regulation, Management and Organization – and in their dedicated working groups. Conferences are organized every two years and smaller thematic gatherings are held in between.

The membership in HO CIRED will enable you to participate in and benefit from its activities as well as in those of similar associations – primarily the Croatian Committee of CIGRE – and to link with the international community in all aspects of the electricity distribution issues.

To become a member, you have to fill out the Application and pay an annual membership fee:
individual – 100 kuna , and
collective (which includes five individual membership fees and advantages in presentations) –
3000 kuna for companies and 1500 kuna for research and scientific institutions.

The Application should be sent to the Secretariat of HO CIRED and the membership fee paid either at the Secretariat or into the account IBAN HR9323400091110259682, Privredna banka, Zagreb, with the information about it provided to the Secretariat.

HO CIRED Chairman

Kažimir Vrankić